Our client approach

A true partnership

Guaranteed confidentiality, regular reporting, responsiveness, close support, and personalized service: we offer a personalized, methodical, and efficient approach for each assignment in France and internationally.

Our methodology

1. Discovery

During our initial meeting, we work together to develop a detailed briefing that captures your specific requirements (identity/DNA, culture, organization, context), the characteristics of the position to be filled (missions and challenges, degree of confidentiality), and the profile sought (skills and qualities). We define and share the research strategy to be deployed.

2. Approach

We identify and approach the most relevant talents worldwide who may be interested in the position and who would not have necessarily applied on their own to a job offer. We provide you with regular and comprehensive reports on our research progress, allowing you to follow the candidates during the process. Our close and transparent relationship enables us to efficiently advance the assignment.

3. Selection

We conduct in-depth assessment interviews with the identified candidates. Beyond the required professional skills, our analysis focuses on their interpersonal skills and characteristics. We present you with a shortlist of the best potential candidates, for whom we prepare individual evaluation reports. We conduct professional reference checks for the successful finalist candidate.

4. Mission completion

Our intermediary role facilitates negotiations with the selected candidates. If desired, we provide a comprehensive report at the end of the assignment, providing precise data on your brand image, prevailing salaries, and feedback from candidates regarding the process.

5. Follow-up

We ensure the successful integration of the candidate during the initial months of their tenure. In case of any mismatch, we resume the search for a new candidate at our expense.

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